Cobra Pose Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana

Cobra is a great for relieving stress, which as we know is the underlying cause of many diseases and also accelerates the ageing process. Like all back bends, the Cobra is a great pose to get the blood flowing to the heart, and as it helps stimulate the adrenal glands you’ll feel more energetic and after practising a few rounds. And what’s more, regular practise will give you a youthful looking pert-bottom!

How to perform

Lie on the mat with your hands under your shoulders and your fingers pointing forwards.

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Pull your elbows tightly into your sides and draw your shoulders together behind you.

Engage the abs and draw your tailbone down to the floor.

Lift the chest up to the ceiling ensuring you keep your neck long.

Move as far into the pose as you feel comfortable. Hold for 10- 15 breaths, before gently lowering your body to the ground as you exhale.

Remove your fingers from the electronic devices that they graciously warm all day. Place your hands on your lap. At first, they may twitch. You may fidget. Your mind may say, “But I have to get this done!” You will. But now, you will sit.

Notice the physicality of non-doing. If you need to see the point of just sitting, look at it as vacation training. There are people who cannot relax on vacation and it is no surprise. They have no relaxation training in their day-to-day lives.

Now, we’re going to work with a mantra. The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit word “man” which means “mind.” Simply repeat, “slow” as you inhale and “down” as you exhale. You will probably be tempted to peek: is the Wi-Fi back up yet? Give yourself at least ten breaths before returning to your hyperconnected world. If you can do even longer, this will be money in the bank of patience.

This truly is a modern stress and yet one that many people can relate to. Uber is designed to get you efficiently from point A to point B in theory. Sometimes you watch the car that is meant to be traveling in your direction freeze on the Uber app. You shake your phone. Is the connection lost? Oh, no. Your four-minute estimated time is now nine minutes!

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