Common ailments that can benefit from Indian Head Massage

The following conditions can benefit from Indian Head Massage. However, precautions, adaptations, recommendations or referrals will be necessary in treating clients with some of these conditions.


This is sudden and severe hair loss, usually due to stress, shock, illness, chemotherapy or sometimes pregnancy. It is also thought to be an auto-immune condition. Hair loss is temporary and should not be confused with male-pattern baldness, where hair loss is permanent. Bald patches are random and sometimes red and scaly. There are three types of alopecia:

1 alopecia areata causes hair to be lost in patches

2 alopecia totalis is total loss of hair from the head

3 alopecia universalis is total loss of all head and body hair.

Note – A treatment including oil helps a client to relax, which can lessen the effects of the problem, condition the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Clients should be encouraged to massage their scalp between treatments.

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