Compass Pose Yoga Journal

Compass Pose Yoga Journal

If you want to improve your working life you need to sail into choppy waters. You need to have setbacks, you need to have courage, and you need to take action.

Get into your ship and sail away from the shore and keep ploughing on through the choppy seas. The benefits will greatly enhance your life and you will not have any regrets.

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Or something along those lines, I am sure you understand!!!

This picture (of course) reminds me of the Rocky film where Sylvester Stallone was running up and down the steps of the municipal building to get fit. In fact I vaguely remember seeing those steps on a trip to the USA. Philadelphia City Hall according to Wikipedia.

The picture slogan reminds us that we have to get to our goals step by step; we are unable to leap from the bottom to the top. So for example if you are studying for a qualification you do not get the qualification on the same day. You have to attend a few years of weekly classes, put in hours of study at night as well as taking and passing the exams.

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