Crazy Yoga Poses

Crazy Yoga Poses

The heart (Shen) is sensitive and can be easily disturbed by having too many late nights without sleep, excessive stress, the continuous oppression and suppression of feelings, from ongoing intoxicant abuse, from severe traumatic events and from the overstimulation of the eyes e.g. playing computer games for long periods. Basically, anything that triggers the heart rate to beat fast for extended periods of time will disturb psychological health and balance.

The Fire Element Meridians

Fire is associated with the Heart and Small Intestine organs and meridians, so let’s have a look at where these meridians travel throughout the body.

Heart Meridian

The heart channel originates in the heart organ itself. One branch moves downwards through the diaphragm to the small intestine. Another branch moves upwards through the throat connects at the tongue and travels up to the eyes. The third branch moves through the lungs before it comes to the surface just under the armpit. From the armpit it moves down the inside of the arms passing the inner end of the elbow crease. It continues down the inside of the arm, across the palm and finishes at the inside tip of the little finger.

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Small Intestine Meridian

This channel begins on the outside corner of the little fingernail. It travels up the outer edge of the hand to the wrist where it starts to travel up the forearm. It passes the elbow at the “funny bone” as it continues up the back of the arm and heads to the back of the shoulder joint. It then moves in a somewhat jiggered fashion across the shoulder blades, before travelling over the top of the shoulders to the hollow above the collarbone on the front of the body. An internal branch heads inwards to the heart and down the esophagus to the stomach and small intestine. The superficial branch travels from the collarbone up the side of the neck and over the cheeks and draws back towards the ears where it finishes.

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