Dragonfly Yoga Pose

Dragonfly Yoga Pose


• Calluses are common on the heels, inside of the big toes toward the tip, and at the metatarsal joint. Less commonly they appear at the tip of the second toe and under the ball of the foot behind the big toe, or the 3rd and 4th metatarsal head. The riskiest common spot for a callus is beneath the 2nd metatarsal head, where the toe meets the foot, because this joint is easily injured by too much pressure.

• Calluses can occur anywhere there is mild to moderate friction over a long period of time. They can become painful when they are thick and blisters can form underneath, with increased activity.

• Blisters can occur just about anywhere on the foot. They can be painful, but during a workout or yoga pose the pain will often decrease, returning afterward.

• Blisters are variable. Sometimes a large blister will have very little pain and other times a small one will be bothersome. Blood blisters (the red, blood-filled type) are usually much more painful because they are deeper.

• Callus pain is similar to that of a bruise. The callus is a foreign object forming on the outside, irritating the skin underneath.

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• Calluses form when the outer layer of skin (the epidermis) is irritated in a mild way, usually by friction. This increases blood flow and nutrition to the skin cells. They begin to reproduce more quickly and the dead cells (callus tissue) accumulate quicker than they can be worn away. As long as the inflammatory irritation continues, blood flow is present to continue the process. If the irritation stops, the callus gradually dissolves.

• Blisters are caused when the trauma of the friction is so great that a layer of epidermis (skin) separates and fluid seeps into the layer. Blood blisters form when some of the tiny veins that project up into the epidermis are also traumatized. They can break and blood leaks into the separated layer.

• Friction trauma deeper than this should be treated by a doctor. Ulcerations are deeper Yoga Injuries and very rare in yoga and walking activities.

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