How to Conquer Your Fears Jenna Raynell Yoga

I just love this spot so much I wouldn’t record two posts. Because I think it so beautiful as I wanted to talk about fear. Because figure is one of those things that comes up around something that’s really important to us it could be a goal or some action that you know you need to take. And you’re struggling to just do it and with me that came up a lot about just starting my blog. And just getting it going and so much fear was coming up around it that it wasn’t gonna turn out well that my posts were gonna suck and no one’s gonna watch them so anyway when you have fear around a topic that means that it’s just something that’s incredibly important to you. And you just have to dive in. And just go for it. Because that figure is telling you that what you’re about to do is really important. And then it really matters to your two batters to your heart. And it matters to your soul and. So the best thing to do is to just jump when you’re not ready to just dive in and start.

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Because chances are it’s going to be better than you expect. And it’s going to turn out better than you anticipate. So just let go of your career let go of everything that is surrounding you. And just dive in and conquer your fears. Because in the end you’re going to be stronger. Because of it. And you’re going to push yourself to do something that you might not be ready to do and chances are it’s going to be really beautiful and really amazing what you actually do it. So I challenge you to identify what issue is bringing up a lot of fear for you what action do you need to take what goal are you inspired towards and what’s stopping you just push past the fear. And just do what you want to do. Because in the end you’re gonna thank yourself for you’re gonna feel stronger you’re going to feel prouder. And you’re going to be happy that you did it and chances are it will make you stronger the next time some kind of fear comes up around a goal that you have for yourself and. So that’s my little tip it just love this mutt so much definitely yes wish it was a winter I have a blog.

And I’m trying to like start doing more post logs. And it’s been a big beautiful thing for me and. So I’m just like diving in and try to do it. And I’m actually so glad we chose here. Because it looks so beautiful oh my god I know I’m sure what’s on your to thank you for letting review back.

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