Is it true that marijuana can be used medically?

Is it true that marijuana can be used medically?

A Yes, although its use is restricted. Even though marijuana is considered an illegal drug in the United States and some other countries, there is a growing movement to make it legally available to treat certain illnesses and medical conditions. A report issued in 1999 by the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine found that marijuana appears to be helpful in treating pain, nausea, AIDS-related weight loss, muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis, and other problems. Many cancer patients and people with AIDS use marijuana because they find it effective in relieving nausea and restoring appetite. Research is under way to find methods of administering the drug that don’t subject the user to the hazards of cancer, lung damage, and emphysema.

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Soon I found myself tearing apart my neat work, breathing erratically and acting like a crazy woman looking in the same places again and again. I found myself becoming angry at an inanimate object, then angry at my partner, then angry at myself. It wasn’t pretty.

I never found the key.

But I did come back home and think, Wow, that wasn’t cool. I need a key meditation.

No matter how mindful we may be in our day to day lives, there are unexpected moments that push our stress to the forefront. Keys make our lives easier, but when they are missing, they can throw a whole day out of whack. And therein lay my problem That forecasting. That assumption that because something slipped up now, it would lead to future misalignments.

I should have stopped looking for the key when I realized that frantically searching in my fight-or-flight state was not working. I needed a calm mind and a spacious mind. I should have sat down and taken two or three minutes to stop freaking out, taken a deep inhale, held it for a while, let it go, and held it again. I should have repeated this, and then allowed the breath to be itself. I should have noticed the pauses between the breath to release my wound-up patterns. I should have stayed long enough to think, what key? If I had done that, I may have just found the key. Instead, I medicated with a glass of wine, which has its own abilities to make me feel just fine.

When did we start to prove our worth by how busy we are? When you ask a toddler what he did at preschool, you most certainly won’t be hit with a list of amazing accomplishments. It’s enough to paint a painting, nap well, and then call it a day.

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