Mountain Yoga Pose

Mountain Yoga Pose


This Yoga Pose seems so simple, but to stand still, tall, strong, and present can be challenging. As the name suggests, Mountain Yoga Pose increases strength, confidence, and stability. It also helps with body awareness like you ’re seeing it all from the mountaintop.

QUALITY Grounding EFFECT Focus, stability, strength PROPS None GAZE Forward

1 Begin by standing up tall with your feet hip-distance apart and your arms by your sides. Widen yoi heels a tiny bit. Draw your tailbone down and navel back to lengthen your lower back.

2 Draw your shoulders back and down to open and lift your chest as you draw your lower ribs in.

3 Keep your head reaching up as you slightly draw your chin in toward your throat to lengthen the ba of your neck. Release your jaw and keep your eyes soft with your gaze forward.

4 Take 5 breaths here, exhaling your feet in to the earth to feel rooted, and inhaling your head high to feel elevated, like a mountain!

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