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The Co Founder of Clean Australian Skincare Brand Dr Roebuck’s Available at Explains Why Feeling Beautiful is so Much More Than Using Skincare Products Alone

Growing up in Australia, nothing could get in the way of the love my twin sister, Zoe, and I had for the great outdoors, until we both developed dry, sensitive skin and eczema, which prevented us from doing the things we loved. Luckily, our parents were doctors, so they created a one-of-a-kind cream to protect us from the elements. The secret was to remove ingredients instead of add them. Zoe and I went on to have very different careers – I worked in media while she worked in pharmaceuticals – but when people kept asking us what we used on our skin and how we looked 10 years younger, we decided to work together to create a clean Australian skincare brand inspired by our parents’ philosophy, that also represented our natural, holistic lifestyle (we exercise daily and eat only non-processed food), because if you don’t change the fundamental habits of your life, it doesn’t matter how good your skincare is you’re not going to get the best results.

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‘Our mission for Dr Roebuck’s (drroebucks. com), was to create great products and educate people but, funnily enough, it feels like every brand is talking the same way right now because living a holistic lifestyle and using “A-Beauty” (ethical, plant-based beauty products from Australia) is so on trend. We never jumped on the bandwagon – it’s just who we are. We champion clean beauty and our tag line is “minimum ingredients, maximum results”. Many other products have great ingredients such as vitamin E, rose hip and hyaluronic acid, but they’re mixed with additional additives and chemicals. Even if they’re not bad for you, your body still has to break them down. ‘In beauty and wellness, there’s now a big global, cultural shift towards prevention and looking after yourself, rather than correction, and we’re also moving towards ageing gracefully rather than joining the plastic movement. Of course, there will always be a place for heavy make-up in some people’s lives, and many women wear it to give them the confidence to “face the day”, but they’re also recognising it’s essential to use cleaner products to counterbalance the chemicals in make-up.’


‘My advice to people is to not wear make-up for two weeks (it’s compulsory for our new employees), as well as go to a steam room every three days, cut alcohol and coffee, and drink green juices and water. You’ll be converted once you see how your skin heals when you give it time to remove congestion on congestion. Then you can use make-up to simply enhance your beauty, rather than cover it up. The feminist movement is helping women become happier and more accepting of who they are, and it’s very inspiring meeting strong, independent women who want to make their own beauty choices, rather than trying to look like a perfect model.


We’re about building healthy skin that lasts, rather than superficial skin that looks perfect but actually isn’t. There’s no fluff, fillers or exaggerated marketing required, which is why we’re the face of the brand, rather than models. We let the products do the talking. Being clean can be fun and beautiful. It’s about finding the right balance between living life and keeping clean. We want people to be healthy and in control by using our brand.

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