Pilates Band Exercises

Pilates Band Exercises


Into the Exercise (positive lift)

Step 1: Take a dumbbell in each hand, and stand upright with your feet together with arms hanging straight down at your sides. Lift your chest and take a deep breath, then curl up your toes, lock your knees, and tighten your abdominal muscles.

Step 2: While holding your breath and keeping your knees locked, bend forward till the dumbbells touch the ground.

Step 3: Without pausing, stand up straight and tighten your buttocks muscles.

Step 4: Stand on your toes and simultaneously rotate your shoulders backward and upward, holding this pose for two seconds.

Out of the Exercise (negative lift):

Step 5: In one continuous movement, release the stretch, return your feet to the starting position, and exhale as you release the tension in your abdominal and buttocks muscles.

Timing & Repetition

The total movement should take at least 10 seconds: 2 seconds for the inhale; 1 second for bending forward; 1 second for the lift;

1 second for the stretch; 2 seconds for the hold; 1 second for lowering your shoulders and heels, and 2 seconds for the exhale and release. Repeat the exercise 6 times, which should take at least 60 seconds.

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