Pilates Exercises For Back Pain

Pilates Exercises For Back Pain

We see these emphasis differentials in the relationship between the cultures of East and West. The West emphasises the Matter aspect often paying lip service to the inner subjective life of the soul, whereas the East emphasises the spiritual reality and often pays little attention to the expression of the soul in matter. One is material, the other abstract. This difference has been highlighted in the Sixth Ray Age where the dominant energy is desire. Desire for the inner results in aspiration. Desire for the outer results in materialism.

However desire to express the inner realities in the outer world is the synthesis and the high point of what has been achieved as we begin the Seventh Ray Aquarian Age. In this Age ‘Light Supernal’ will be brought from the atmic plane to the physical plane. Hierarchy will externalise. The world soul will fuse with its personality and the Christ will reappear to witness the “travail of His soul”.107 We might hypothesise that in the third system the Lord of the World himself may, at a certain time in the evolution of that system, make his appearance in dense physical form as part of bringing the Spirit aspect into full manifestation on Earth.

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In this system the Will aspect is brought into expression via the Love aspect. Christ returns with the Sword of Shamballa. The Shamballic force, while occasionally impacting humanity directly, is primarily channelled through Hierarchy.

In the individual process the soul must draw upon the power of the monad momentarily to take the Second Initiation and more fully to take the Third. The Third Initiation is in reality the first for the soul, marking its fusion with the Matter aspect. The Fourth marks its point of balance and therefore of choice between Matter and Spirit, and the Fifth marks the fusion of the soul with the monad. We might say that of the seven initiations the first three are taken by the personality, the middle three are taken by the soul and the final three are taken by the monad. Thus we have seven initiations of matter but nine initiations in consciousness, the third and the fifth being dual.

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