Placeholder Relationships

Perhaps one of the most horrible sounding types of long-distance relational dynamics, placeholder relationships, can actually be (though rarely are) quite healthy. Even though we’ve come a long way, there are still ample reasons to find ourselves in a relationship that we know isn’t right forever, but which is decent enough for the time being. The key issue with placeholder relationships is being fair and honest about it as well as knowing when it’s time to call it quits.

Unfortunately, they usually end up with a bad rap because ultimately one person is in a convenient holding pattern fully aware that the partnership isn’t right for the long term, while the other is falling in love. But, a placeholder relationship can be perfect for two busy people facing a variety of different social pressures or who just want a sense of intimacy without pressure to conform

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With the pressure to find a partner from friends, family, peers and even colleagues at work, sometimes a comfortable and respectful long-distance placeholder relationship is the ideal solution. It’s a mutually respectful and comfortable relationship that takes the pressure off well-meaning but misguided peers, and delivers an opportunity to chase your dreams, to work on projects, and to have lots of time for yourself while still enjoying elements of the intimacy, partnership, and periodic physicality that go with a relationship.

Sadly, chances are far more likely that while one person is benefiting from the attention, and added support the other has far more serious feelings or expectations for the long-term potential of the relationship. Often this type of vampiric setup comes about more out of convenience, insecurity and the difficulty in saying no or ending things, more than malicious intent. It is important to make intentions clear in the beginning.

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