Printable Yoga Poses For Kids

Printable Yoga Poses For Kids

Take heed from this story and act on your ideas.

The other key point that came to mind is that the woman’s helmet obviously reminds us of the disco ball and probably some time back to the 1970’s. Someone has taken an old design and modified it for a new purpose.

You can consider this in your working life too. Just because something is from the past, do not dismiss it. There are many lessons to be learned from history. For example you may be working in an industry at present that has a shelf life. For example if you worked in a factory making video cassettes it is likely that your working life had to change. You have either left that company because it went out of business or else the Company changed direction and is now making DVD’s or something.

You need to be aware of obsolescence in your career choice and ensure that you have skills that are transferrable to other industries etc. to remain in employment.

Also consider your industry etc. and think about its possible obsolescence. Look at examples from history. Then plan accordingly. Maybe you need to get some new supplementary skills? Maybe you need to move town? Maybe you need to get a new direction career entirely?

I am off to listen to my Bee Gees vinyl album Saturday Night Fever now…think on.

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