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Richard Hittleman offered the public a single, simple exercise plan that required a minimum of effort to attain maximum results.

In 1961 Hittleman took his exercise plan to the airwaves, and his nationally syndicated yoga show aired from Los Angeles. It was an instant success and remained on television for many years.

Hittleman authored some of the first blogs on yoga Yoga for Health and Yoga 28-Day Exercise Plan.

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You start the day with the best of intentions. We all do. You may say to yourself, “Okay, first I have to read my email, then I have to get some work done, and then I will check my social media accounts as a reward..” However, right after your inspiring speech, your rogue fingers click over to Instagram. Those darn fingers have a mind of their own.

Social media is designed to be addictive, and the more we use it, the more it becomes an unconscious act. It can be a powerful thing to limit the amount of push notifications we receive. Some of us may find it easier to refrain from temptation altogether by (gasp) deleting social media apps from our phones.

But this is not a lecture. This is a meditation that knows you live in this dual-plated world. One plate is filled with your highest intentions and the desire to feel connected. On the other plate is your desire to get more followers and likes.

First, let’s embrace that you are complex, and that’s what makes you awesome. However, a little Instagram break will help you focus and do what you are actually paid to do (unless you are a social media marketing manager, in which case, this is not the meditation for you).

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