Is It Safe to Yoga During Pregnancy?

Is there a yoga routine you recommend?

If you already have a yoga teacher, continue with what she / he teaches you. The pregnancy guide, Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood, is an excellent resource. Mumbai, I feel, is especially lucky, because we have pregnancy classes at Iyengar yoga centres, where you find women doing various asanas and the routine changes according to the stage of pregnancy you are in. Of course, it’s important to exercise caution at all times, and therefore, investing time in travelling to a class where the teacher is well trained and experienced, or investing money in a book that teaches you exactly how to do it, is well worth the buck. With Iyengar Yoga for Motherhood, you have your bases covered: it has sequences for acidity, diabetes, mental stability and a trimester by trimester sequence with detailed instructions and photographs.

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Can I travel right now?

Universally, this is supposed to be a good time to travel, and people even have babymoons during these months. Stay well hydrated on the journey as long air travel can be dehydrating, and if you are driving, take frequent breaks as sitting for too long can be a bummer for the back. Choose places that serve good food, as eating right is critical. Also, do not try new cuisines, or seafood, or raw salads while outside. Preferably, go to a place you have already been to as it’s familiar territory and you know what to expect; also, it will be easier to have your special requirements accommodated. Avoid places that have bars on the property as the smoke or loud noise could be disturbing, and choose cities where outdoor smoking is not a thing so that you don’t land up with some throat infection or get sick just because of the holiday.

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