Salamba Sirsasana Pose Yoga

Pranayama, the restraint and control of one’s breath, helps to reduce the obstacles that inhibit clear perception through breathing techniques. Salamba Sirsasana Pose Yoga is the relaxation and internalization of the senses of perception, and occurs when the mind is able to remain in its chosen direction without distraction. Dharana, or concentration, is the ability to direct the mind toward a chosen object, in spite of many other potential objects within reach. Dhyana, or meditation, is the ability to develop focused interactions with what we seek to understand, and samadhi is the ultimate state of Self-realization, union with the source. Yama, niyama, asana, and pranayama are considered bahira sadhana external practices or studies, which can be taught by another. The first two limbs, especially, establish a wholesome and ethically correct way of life for the yogi. Salamba Sirsasana Pose Yoga The third limb, asana, translates this into exercises for the body. Pratyahara and dharana are antaranga sadhana internal practices, which are experiential states that cannot be taught and must be experienced individually.

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