We Say Goodbye to Back Pain with Yoga

Do I need to tell my class instructor about injuries that I have but manage? What about those that are minor?

A. In a word, yes. It may seem tempting to gloss over a slightly sprained ankle, a small twinge in your back or another minor injury you’ve learned to manage on your own without much fuss. But what might not seem like a big deal to you could result in increased pain or injury if not cared for properly during a workout.

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A well-trained, knowledgeable instructor will have anatomical understanding and experience that you may not have, and will be able to recognize when certain positions or movements may exacerbate or degenerate your condition. If your instructor is unaware of your injury, he or she may unwittingly recommend exercises that could worsen it or lead to other unforeseen complications.

Not only would this put you in an unsafe situation physically, but it could also lead to unforeseen liability issues for your teacher. While all instructors should have insurance, being upfront about your condition and maintaining good communication will avoid any unnecessary complications. By filling your instructor in on your injury, you’re also giving him or her the chance to help you heal and/or more effectively manage it. Your instructor will be able to provide appropriate modifications and incorporate small props to help keep you safe and move you further toward your exercise and fitness goals.

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