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The experience allowed me to understand the ritualistic intoxication I would later witness when visiting New York ashrams and Hindu temples throughout my travels to India a few years later. For a person who wants to tread the path of yoga, his first effort will have to be to cease to identify himself with the body~ life-mind complex completely and to look upon those three elements as tools for transcending the ego, in order to identify his inner being with the pure, unmixed power of consciousness whose very nature is all-peace, harmony and creative joy. B. K. S. Iyengar, Light on Pranayama Ardha Matsyendrasana half spinal twist According to Hatha Yoga legend, Matsyendra, a great yogi, was crowned Lord of the Fishes by the god Siva.Simple Twist Pose Yoga Lateral movement of the spine, in either direction, strives to correct lateral curvature of the spine and improve joints in the pelvic region.Simple Twist Pose Yoga Rotating the individual vertebrae on each side opens up the areas surrounding ligaments to receive a rich supply of blood

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