What şort of recovery do I need between runs?

A In a nutshell, your recovery time depends to a large degree on the quantity and intensity of your running. However, the capacity for recovery varies from one person to another. Two runners who train together may perform comparably on race day but recover very differently. Runners who can’t recover as quickly might try training a little less often than other runners.But if you spread out your training properly (find a training plan to suit your goal), you can boost your performance by maximising the recovery phase and tapping into a process we call overcompensation. This is when your body repairs itself and makes itself a little bit stronger than before. So, what are the best ways to recover? Sleep is the simplest, most natural way to help your body repair itself and your nervous system rebalance.

What şort of recovery do I need between runs? Photo Gallery

The amount of sleep recommended for athletes is eight and a half to nine hours every night for a moderate level of training, or nine to 10 if you’re training at a high level. Basically, the logic is that the more you train, the more sleep you need.Nutrition is important too. Think about the nutrient density of foods (the nutrition it provides), and find out about its bioavailability (the degree and rate of absorption) and its anti-inflammatory or antioxidant properties. Load up on omega-3 fatty acids, alkalising foods, complex carbs (for energy), protein (to rebuild tissue), fruit and veg, minerals and trace elements and foods rich in coenzyme Q10.

And remember, the more varied your diet, the greater range of nutrients you absorb.Hydration plays a key role in recovery, too. The body needs to maintain a relatively constant percentage of water to ensure it can carry out its biochemical reactions properly. Aim for 1l per 40 kg of bodyweight per day as a baseline, adding 500ml per hour of activity, or 1l per hour for high-intensity training.And be aware there are mixed views about active recovery – it has been shown, for instance, that doing running training in the days following a marathon puts the brakes on an athlete’s post-race recovery. The harder you train, the more important complete rest becomes.



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