Standing Split Pose Yoga

Translated, lojong means mind training.Standing Split Pose Yoga Lojong is the practice of working with slogans, simple sayings, to awaken our compassion. Tonglen, the supplement, is a meditation practice designed to help us connect with the full potential of our hearts. The basic premise of tonglen is taking in and sending out.Standing Split Pose Yoga It is about breathing in suffering, pain, negativity, or anything undesirable, surrendering to it, and connecting with it in the openness of your heart, and breathing out the opposite; ventilating the experience out beyond yourself. While breathing in the negativity and pain, the practitioner focuses on being open and humble enough to bring in what we do not want in our life; the practitioner focuses on the color and texture of it, too visualizing the breathing in of hot, heavy darkness and breathing out white, cool light.

Another aspect of tonglen is working with a specific object such as the suffering or the anger and the tangibility of such real emotions and situations. Lastly, the practitioner, when breathing out, extends the sending out to all other beings because by understanding our own feelings, we can understand that all beings experience similar feelings and suffering.

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