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Yet the inner surface of the cartilage is what actually comes Standing yoga poses weight loss in contact with its counterpart on the other bone, the part that sustains the pressures of Standing yoga poses weight loss movement. This cartilage may be where the need for nourishment and the building blocks for repair is greatest! The joint fluid brings the essential supplies for nourishment and repair to the chondrocytes. The inner lining of the joints the synovial membrane not only makes the fluid, but also delivers oxygen, glucose, proteins, and other necessities to that fluid and absorbs the products of their metabolism The beauty is that the very movement that serves the joint’s function also circulates the fluid that makes continued movement possible.

Circulation is good for the joint.6 As Arthur Abrahamson, former chairman of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, was fond of saying, Function breeds function. One thing that yoga does for sure is move the joints into extreme but safe positions, allowing the obscure corners and crevices of each joint to be awash with its lubricating, life-sustaining fluid. Without good circulation of the synovial fluid, the smooth surfaces of cartilage can fall into states of disrepair. The chondrocytes will not keep up with the pace of normal wear and tear.

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