Water Exercises To Lose Weight

Water Exercises To Lose Weight


When Water freezes, its molecules systematically connect and form the nucleons of a crystal; it becomes stable when it has the structure of a hexagon. Then it starts to grow and a visible crystal appears. This is the natural course of the procedure. However, if unnatural information is forced upon it, it’s not able to form a harmonic hexagonal crystal.

Above: This is how the crystal pictures are produced. The temperature is kept constant at -5° C in the laboratory. The photo must be taken very fast, because the beautiful crystal structure only lasts for two minutes.

Once our initial hypothesis had been confirmed by the data, I started to investigate water from different places. Our experiments went well and we managed to produce reliable pictures. The question we asked ourselves was: Do water crystals look different under different circumstances?

All my expectations were surpassed. The photographs clearly showed that depending on its origins (that is, whether it came from a natural spring or from the kitchen tap), water would take on a completely different shape. This was visible proof that not all water was the same it reacted to the “experiences” it went through during its journey and stored that information. Water from a spring formed breathtakingly beautiful regular hexagons, while water from the lower course of a river or from a dam hardly achieved a complete crystal. The most shocking results came from chloride-ridden drinking water. It can be really painful to see water that has been mistreated in such a way if you know what marvelous crystals natural water can form

Water Exercises To Lose Weight Photo Gallery

This picture shows a water crystal, which was “given a soul” by labeling it with the word thanks. The result is this beautifully formed crystal.

This crystal was formed after the water has seen the picture with the jumping dolphins. The dolphin has a similar or even higher intelligence than the human being, and it’s said that dolphins can heal us.

In light of these experiments, we can say that water has a memory. Each molecule of it carries some information, and when we drink it, that data becomes part of our body. Looking at these pictures, ask yourself: “Which information do I want to take in?”

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