What are the nutrition for better health and fitness?

AGEs These are Advanced Glycation End-products. In short, sugar in your blood attaches to proteins to form harmful new molecules called AGEs. The more sugar you eat, the more AGEs you develop, causing damage to adjacent proteins. The proteins most vulnerable to damage are collagen and elastin, which keep your skin smooth, fırm, and elastic. If they get damaged, they become dry and brittle, leading to wrinkles and sagging.

Eww! I know you hate wrinkles, so you had better hate SUGAR, hate BREAD, hate PASTA, hate PIZZA, and hate ICE CREAM! The reason why you have wrinkles and excess body fat is from SUGAR! (Remember, all flour is sugar to your body. So if you want to look young, vibrant, healthy, and have a lean body with a booty, what is the number one commitment you need to make? To ELIMINATE SUGAR! Kick the habit! Now before you get carried away, I’m talking about the refined/processed/manmade forms, not the ones that happen naturally in veggies and fruit.

What are the nutrition for better health and fitness? Photo Gallery

I’m talking about the kind that comes from foods like candy, cereal, chocolate, coffee creamers, donuts, gum, soda, sports drinks, etc., because those AGEs will age the F out ofyou. Guess what makes your skin look healthy and vibrant? FATS! PROTEIN! VEGGIES! My whole point ofthis portion ofthe chapter was initially just to inform you to NOT fear fats. Just know that FATS are your FRIENDS and sugar is your nemesis. If anyone you know is teaching low fats and to watch your cholesterol, RUN, because they are outdated fools. Science has proven that sugar is the actual CAUSE of heart disease, because having high blood sugar is like taking sandpaper to your arteries. Your body manufactures 75-80% of its cholesterol.

Did you hear that? Your body MAKES your cholesterol! It’s not coming from the cholesterol in food, it’s coming from your BODY producing it. High cholesterol isn’t the issue; as a matter of fact, it has zero correlation to heart attacks. This is proven fact. Most people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels. But having high levels could be a sign that you have severe inflammation. Severe damage is being done to the body, to which it responds by producing more cholesterol to repair the damage you’re doing to your arteries. Inflammation is the issue, not the cholesterol. Guess what causes inflammation? Mainly PROCESSED CARBS and foods that spike blood sugar. Eggs don’t cause heart attacks, sugar does! Saturated fats don’t cause heart attacks, sugar does! This is proven science.

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