What Exercises Are Ok During Pregnancy

What Exercises Are Ok During Pregnancy

In its highest sense the ‘peace which passeth understanding’ is related to the cosmic buddhic plane where the energies of cosmic Spirit and Matter are ‘at-oned’.

The three fires that we experience making up the threefold nature of Agni are in reality three aspects of the cosmic ‘fire by friction’, the Brahma Aspect, and therefore governed by a cosmic Law of Economy.

The Sirian Law of Freedom operates on the higher three subplanes of the cosmic mental and is thus the lowest expression of a cosmic Law of Attraction which would govern the cosmic triadal planes. This is why contact with the energy of Sirius occurs after the Third Degree when the human Hierarchy is ‘free’ of identification with the lower three worlds. Thus the qualities of divinity which we know Will, Love and Intelligence relate to the three lower cosmic planes. Behind them is a fourth quality, connected with cosmic buddhi, waiting to be revealed. Indra is revealed through Agni.

Let me illustrate by taking the same diagram used in Figure 17:

Figure 20 Cosmic Astral and Physical Planes

We see that the three Hierarchies taking the Fourth Initiation are all precisely at the centre of their respective spheres and thus linked through this fourth dimensional flow.

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