What is Calamint? How to Use Calamint

FR: Calament GER: Bergminze IT: Calaminta SP: Calamento

BOT: Calamintha ascendens (Calamintha officinalis)

FAM: Labiatae ILL: Plate 15, No. 6

Calamint grows wild in waste places on chalky soil over much of Europe including the southern part of Britain. It grows one to two feet high and the flowers are purply- blue and rather like catmint. The leaves are aromatic, a little like peppermint. It is a medicinal herb, but is occasionally used in cooking.

Calamint should not be confused with basil thyme (Acinos arvensis, formerly Calamintha acinos) nor with the lesser calamint (Calamintha nepeta), which in North America is called field balm, though both of these herbs may be used as a flavouring if liked. Further confusion may come from the fact that in some older blogs savvy is listed as Calamintha hortensis and winter savory as Calamintha montana.

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