Yoga Breathing Techniques For Anxiety

Swinging backwards and forwards on the sitting bone:

In a wide seated position on a chair swing on your sitting bones backwards and forwards, to and fro, back and forth, whereby the feet are in contact with the floor. Thereby the upper torso remains straight, the lower legs are vertical and the thighs are horizontal to the floor. Take a rest. Do you feel how vitality is returning to the pelvic area?

Circling on the sitting bone:

Now circle with the upright upper torso slowly and with feeling several times on each individual and then on both sitting bones. Feel the breathing stimulation in the pelvic area!

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Dog wagging:

In the four-footed position wag with the sacrum to and fro like a dog that is wagging with the tail. Intensify the movement until shoulders and buttocks can nearly touch. Relax and observe your breathing movement.

Tense the anal sphincter muscles and release them again:

Whilst lying on the back pinch buttock and anal sphincter muscles together and then release them again. Take a rest and feel the uncramping and releasing effect in the pelvic area. How does this repeated exercise affect the movement of your breathing in the pelvic area?

Leg rolling in the hip joint:

In the back position, your hands are placed in the groin, turn your stretched legs from the hip joint slowly towards the outside sidewards and back in again in the form of a rolling movement, to loosen your hip joint and to make it more permeable for the breathing. The big toes show the movement direction and strive towards the floor. Now take a rest.

With the hands in the groin feel the breathing:

Place your hands in the groin and feel the flow of the breathing in the lower pelvic space. Listened quietly whether the breathing flows from the torso into the extremities, or whether the breathing flows through the thigh and groin area or if the knee joint is still blocked.

Making permeable through sweeping circular movements in the groin and thigh area:

Stroke the groin area with both hands with a circular movement over the groin, over the inside of the thigh downwards, and back up on the outside of the thigh. Through this you stimulate the permeability of the most often blocked groin and thigh area, and stimulate the flow of the breathing from the torso into the legs. Now place your hands on the groin again and allow your breathing to flow into the tips of the toes and back to the torso.

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