Yoga Deep Breathing

Grasping air:

In the rhythm of your breathing perform slow crawl swimming movements forwards with your arms, as if when grasping forwards you were exhaling the air out of the respective arm, and during the backward movement of the respective arm you were inhaling the air: First in the standing position, then slowly transition to the forward movement. Then in a kind of back crawl movement, on the exhale grasp with the arms towards the back and then grasping air move them towards the front again, first in standing position, then whilst moving backwards.

Lifting the elbows and allowing them to sink down:

Whilst standing or sitting place your fingertip on the shoulders in such a way that the elbows hang down. Now slowly lift the bent elbows up to shoulder height without releasing the hand contact to the shoulders and then allow them to sink back down again. Whilst doing this imagine that during lifting air is flowing into your armpits, and is flowing out again whilst the elbows are sinking down again.

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Painting with the elbows:

Starting position as with the previous exercise. Now during inhalation allow your elbows to move in all possible directions, with the imagination that you are painting the environment with your elbows like with a paintbrush. Then allow them to sink down again whilst exhaling.

Arm swinging with rotation of the arms in the shoulder joint:

Whilst standing with released arm and leg joints, during inhalation swing your arms loosely with open arms towards the front up to the horizontal position, at the return point turn your hands and swing them back down whilst exhaling with the back of the hand pointed upwards. At the return point at the back turn them again and on inhaling swing them towards the front with the open palm of the hand etc.

After several repetitions of these movements, on backward swinging lift the heels, and on forward swinging allow the heels to sink down again.

Finally on exhaling and backward swinging lift the toe tips, whereby the body bends to an angular position in the hip joint, and sink down again on inhaling and forward swinging.

Allowing air to flow in and out of the armpits:

Whilst sitting or standing, in your visualisation allow the breathing air to flow in and out of the armpits.

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