Yoga for Beginners Back Bend Flow

Hello I’m the lead and today we’re going to do a little flow quite a bit on the floor and really looking at opening up and so on.

So It’s quite nice and gentle. So, if you’re ready let’s zoom into the front of the mat so our feet hip distance apart you’re going to pick up your toes spread that was why you can go. And then spiral out from big toe to actually heal at you place this close down tail bone just drops down pubic bone lifts up Geoff’s little better we’ve been to widen across the collarbones and turn the hands palms of the hands forward good lean back just a little bit about the intimidation. And then inhale taking the tips all the way up to the ceiling and as you exhale push the water away bend the knee. And come all the way down fingertips to the ground inhale as we lift up and away and as we exhale into take your right knee to the chest and put glue all the way back into a runner’s lunge we’re going to end the higher level to make ourselves exhale from the top right. So you’re going to take your left foot in towards the middle of the mat and as you inhale.

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I’m going to take your right heel up to the sky as you exhale take knee into chest and win that right foot forwards inhale up onto your fingertips and as you exhale just a release that knee down to the ground it’s hands on your hips and as you push the floor away in hand to come up to the supported lunge good you’re going to just take drop back right hip down a little bit and keep the right hip on to the right hand on the right hand you’re going to sweep your left fingertips up nice. And then you’re very slowly and gently gonna walk this right foot forwards as you come forwards just lean into that stretch a little bit more and. So we’re stretching the so out here can’t you might be able to feel it that’s quite a delicious stretch quite a thick heavy working muscle about to connect the lower spine to the inner leg. So we’re going to stay here for three breaths to release your toes at the back. So Inhale into the left fingertips X okay I’m really using my credit foot to push away a little bit there’s lots unresisting this strategy no it’s real easy left fingertips either side of the right foot. And come all the way backwards to all the fours we’re just going to do a little cat power here so hand’s underneath the shoulders as we inhale you’re going to just live to people it going up into the ribs push the floor away spiral through the hands. And then look in between the thighs and as you inhale you’re going to release the pubic bone away from the ropes really draw the neck out and away from the shoulders as you get up into cow it’s shiny with chest forward exhale pushing the ground away from you coming up into your cat inhale shining with chest forwards one more time you keep this arch in the back tuck your toes under press your hands forward press into the toes.

And then lift the knees off the ground into your downward dog so first one go nice and gently. And just see, if after that so up stretch the left side feels a little bit freer in the right side nice walk your right foot in towards a leopard in the house that left you up to sky exhale mean to chest as we bring that foot forwards in the hair into your lunge exhale release that right knee down to the ground hands on hips inhale exhale press the floor away from you nice just drop that left hip down and what we left toes forwards forwards a little bit more good. And then just lean into that stretch. So the knees on top of the left ankle you’re going to reach the right fingertips up to the ceiling and turn your tailbone down TV burner really lifts up and up pelvis inhale here Merrick’s we went to just draw your trance tab towards either side of the foot. And you get to step forwards into your forward fold inhale up and fingertips you’re going to take your peace fingers around your big toes you’re going to lengthen up and away from pubic bone. And then as you take your elbows out to the side you’re just going to press heels in and ties it into the floor keep your knees slightly bent inhale release all of that just let go of your toes and as you exhale drop the bottom down a little bit lower to spread your arms that way when you’re single comes up to the sky get it press down to come all the way up hands to heart thank you for reading and please do leave your comments below don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and really look forward to seeing you again next time.

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