Yoga for beginners

To come out of the pose, step toward the table Yoga for beginners and return to Tadasana. Stage IV: Adho Mukha Svanasana Full Downward Dog Come down onto Yoga for beginners your hands and knees on the mat. Walk your knees back a bit farther than your hips. Place your hands at the front of the mat, shoulder-width apart, with your fingers separated and the index fingers pointing forward.

Firm your arm muscles, press your fingers down, and soften your chest down over the tops of the arms so that the upper arms connect solidly into the shoulder sockets. Secure your shoulder blades in toward your spine. Raise your heels, putting the plantar surface of your toes on the mat, and make space in the sides and front of your entire torso. Inhale, lift up your knees and hips, elevating the sitting bones back, up, and apart.

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