Yoga For Face Simha Mudra

Namaskar I’m David at and welcome to an endeavor Yoga for face this set of practices will help you to do and smoothen the skin of your face with regular practices of these arsons and prior naps and kriyas will help you to brighten your face and make it look younger it also helps you to erase fine lines and wrinkles seha mudra the final position of this mudra looks like a lion that’s why the name seha mudra in this mudra you’re sitting in normal cross leg position there are three things which will happen in one go that is the first thing is stretching the fingers wide taking the tongue out wide.

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And producing a sound once all these three things happen in one go then you’ve open your eyes wide and take the chin slightly closer to the chest you hold there keeping the breathing normal. And when you feel like coming out you release the stretch of the fingers and take the tongue in and bring the chin out this mudra helps you to improve the blood supply towards the throat towards your face and towards your brain this is how you go for three things in one go.

And then you just relax you can immediately feel the difference in your throat. And your face remember to do it identity achievable though or three times.

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