Yoga for Metabolism

When we’re dealing with balancing our metabolism lymphatic drainage is really important we have lymph vessels all over the body that are helping move toxins and wastes away. So we’ll start at the top of the head. And we’ll just very gently move our pads of our fingers around the scalp.

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And then we’ll get down to the temples. And just very lightly massaging the temples coming down in front of the ears. And then down underneath the ears where the jaws meet a lot of lymph nodes around here underneath the jaw underneath the jaw. And this is moving old lymph down into the upper part of the chest going around the back of the neck as well. And then finding a way to work into those areas where there’s a bit of an indentation above the collarbones this is where all of our old lymph comes in to be purified and refreshed. And just very gentle sweeping is very gentle pressing is very effective. And you can do this every morning every night it can clear a lot of energy in the area of the thyroid. And the parathyroid glands it brings a lot of fresh energy Prada life force as well as fresh blood and fresh oxygen improving the circulation here I’ve never divine.

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