Yoga Improve Your Memory Slow Alzheimers Dementia Yoga Therapy

Before starting your practice take three blocks or one bolster now sit in sukh Asana or easy boat and watch your several breath here not take to block and place it on the mat now be ready for Auto mukha Svan Asana place your palms on the mat tuck toes inside Pam shoulder-width apart and those hip-width apart inhale lift your hip and knee while exhale raise your shoulder. And your forehead resting on block, if you feel you can use more block.

So that your head rest on the block just stay 5 to 10 right here or as comfort as possible keeping is unique at time while exhale abdominal lock your neck. And head should be relaxed slowly bend your knee and sit in Baracus on your hip resting on the hill and forehead rest on the block hand side to your body close your eyes and stay one to two minutes here just observe your forehead and be relaxed slowly come back now be ready for extending forward band Bhutan and Ozma bring your feet hip width apart hand on waist inhale back bend while I exhale bend forward by keeping your spine straight catch your big toes inhale head up while exhale bend forward you crown of the head resting on the block the number of block is depend on your flexibility after staying 102 minute here slowly come back and be ready for prasarita padottan Asana wide leg forward band posture bring your field three to four feet apart and place three to four block in front of the you exhale bend forward catch your big toes inhale head up axial bend forward your crown of the head resting on the block keep your spine straight.

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And engage your entire leg relax your neck. And head just observe your breath be relaxed here you may use here table according to your need after a stage one to two minute slowly come back bring your feet together in some esterday now standing balancing pose tree friction when you write knee and place sort of the food against your left thigh palms in Anjali mudra fix your gaze at one point east a one to two minute enriched asthma, if you feel of violence then you can take support from the wall after staying both side same time slowly come back and sit in sukh Asana keep is fine straight and watch your celebrate again here and be relaxed now be ready for paschimottan Asana seated forward bend open your both legs and place block or bolster top of the leg inhale hands up while exhale bend forward your forehead resting on the block or bolster just be relaxed here after staying two to three-minute or as you feel comfort slowly come back and be ready for Janus assassin again place your block on the top of the lake slowly exhale and bend forward to Janus assassin forehead resting on the block or bolster be effortless here and raised your awareness on your breath slowly come back and change other side that is most important part you all time observe your body and breath. So that your mind live here. And now resting the mind is the great way to improve your memory slowly come back and lie on your back and be ready for say Towanda Hasan bridge pose ban your knee and feet hip-width apart slowly inhale and lift your pelvis support two or three block back side, if you not feel comfort just use one block or two block depend on your flexibility keep your entire body relaxed palm facing toward the sky or ceiling. And now here do abdominal breathing inhale and pull your belly while exhale complete breathe out and contract inhale deeply exhale contract. So just resting your attention on incoming and outgoing breath just observe and be relaxed when you inhale feel energy is coming inside while exhale feel your surrendering entire your body weight to gravity just be there after three to five minute or as you feel comfort stay there. And come back remove your block and do counter position upon us on bending your knee while excel need to change position little bit move. So that you feel relaxed on your back now come back and see it now be ready power sucked up at the conus man sitting butterfly position by bending your knee and soul of feed to each other now support your knee by placing block under your knee place one block behind your back and slowly lie down. And head resting on floor soup the paddock on Assam is the great way to open your lungs and heart and strengthening your pelvis again here do yogic deep breathe inhale full your stomach.

And then shift same breath towards your chest while exhale feel your exhaling from for chest then from abdominal just connect with your brain bread is very refined of that, if you was then after few minute you feel complete relax. So just observe just connect with your trade after two to three-minute slowly come back remove all blocks and again lie down and do corner position upon asan need to chaste pose and relax your peg slowly turn your lap and sit and be ready for the breath kearney leg against wall pose make your heap near to your wall and he straight to your leg leg resting on wall and keep your spine neck and hip aligned and hand side to your body palms facing to our ceiling or the sky and feet hip-width apart just entire body muscles joint make relaxed loose and start observing your each and every parts of body officer and field relaxed first you observe you rightly and lose it man lightly fill it relax hip of the pelvis of the entire bread bag entire front body observer and lose eight solar spine right hand flat head facing was a eyes each and every part relaxed state three to five minute here. And then slowly come back man journey and turn you right or left side and relax one minute in sav Asana no man your knee and slowly come back and sit. So that is the all asthma sequence. And now be ready for pranayama sit in comfort position any posture either in sukhasan or Padm Asana for whatever you feel comfort now first unkar pranayama take a deep breath while exhale create home sound after fleecing on God take a deep long read inside exhale chanting omkar yeah best way to develop concentration and peace of mind no be ready for primary close your ears and again take a deep breath while x8 create B sound here we just showing two to three round of ramree or on copper ion. But you practice long time both pranayaam at least ten to fifteen minute and for better reserve practice some car robbery or other pranayama two to three times in Delhi most important thing is doing everything with mindfulness involved with each and every action don’t do anything mechanically now be ready for naari shodhan pranayama on alone below pranayama left hand in Gyan mudra and right in Vishnu mudra by folding your index and middle finger through right thumb close your right nostril inhale lap 1 2 3 4 hold close you’re both no string while Axelle through right 1 2 3 4 5 6 again inhale through right 1 2 3 4 hold again both no stood close Excel apt 1 2 3 4 5 6 inhale apt 1 2 3 4 holding clothes.

So this is alternative nostril breathing. So It’s time in him and Excel more time compared to inhalation again inhale through right one two three four hole XL apt one two three four five six inhale apt one two three four hole accelerate one two three four five six inhale right one two three four whole extra loved one two three four five six slowly drop your hand you may practice naari shodhan mmm ten to fifteen minutes daily na mantra kirtan mantra kirtan is Ray mental chanting process. And now changing your mudra in each mantra certain nama we use for mantra here each time you involved with mudra with chanting the sir touch pinkie finger the touch ring finger now touch middle finger ma touch index finger. So all time this way repeat mantra written sir very slowly. But mindfully so pinky finger dies by tums nah-nah-nah-nah. So this is the mental process your mind is involved completely with the mantra after practicing five to ten minute or, if you feel more you can do more now we are practicing body observation meditation sharira pretty shoddy on is the variance Ian Jenn the on process so first inhale and observer is fine exhale Ferris spine relaxed inhale hip of sir exhale hip relaxed in hand right leg of the exhale right fielder legs inhale up observe exhale left leg relaxed inhale pelvis observe exhale pelvis relax inhale entire back up sir exhale back feel relaxed inhale chest of sir exhale chest head relaxed inhale abdominal of sir exhale abdominal acts in hand right hand of the same officer right hand relaxed inhale left hand of the exhale left hand failed rely in this way just observe your entire body and be relaxed. And then just watch your incoming and outgoing breath and be relaxed after practicing meditation lie down on your back and relax and so our son just lose your entire body and of the reach and every part and rest your awareness on your breath and be relaxed and relaxed and relax.

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