Yoga In Water

Yoga In Water


This question seemed absurd at first. However, I had the idea of showing some Japanese characters to water. In Japan, we think that every single word possesses a soul. I’ll try to explain this by means of an example. Let’s take the word gratitude. When I say it, I haven’t just given sound to a string of phonemes, but have expressed a meaning and a feeling. We believe that a word possesses this power of transmission because it has a share of the word soul and is its messenger or, more accurately, its representative. By saying “Thank you,” I step into resonance with this word soul and vibrate in unison with it. And, as I’d expected, water shown a range of different Japanese characters formed completely different crystals.


I’m always fascinated to see how ancient wisdom is being rediscovered by some brave scientists of our time. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake speaks about a morphogenetic field, in which all information is stored in the shape of vibrations. The morphogenetic field for “Thank you” is increased if somebody says the words or just even thinks them. The stronger a morphogenetic field, the easier it becomes for everybody else to say those particular words and the more likely it is that this will happen.

An example of this is the phenomenon of the hundredth monkey, as first observed in the late 1950s on a northern Japanese island. A group of behavioral scientists observed that monkeys on the island would wash their potatoes before they ate them It’s likely that one of them started it by chance, and then others copied its behavior. They must have found out that the taste of a washed potato was far better than one that hadn’t been cleaned. Eventually, there were 100 monkeys on that island who were eating in this fashion. Then something fascinating happened: Suddenly, monkeys on another island started to wash their potatoes; but they didn’t start one by one, as had been the case on the first island, but all at once, as if the animals on the first island had told them about their discovery. However, there had been no contact between the two groups.

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This phenomenon can be used to explain the theory behind the morphogenetic field. Through the behavior of the first group of monkeys, a field of vibrations was created that contained the information “Washed potatoes taste good.” At a certain critical mass (the hundredth monkey), the field developed an intensity that allowed others to have a share in this information.

Above: This water was given a label with the word demon. Judge for yourself how this word affected the water.

Right, top to bottom: Om Namah Shivaya is a Sanskrit mantra. This beautiful crystal looks like a mandala. Next: This crystal was formed using a label with the words “This is really beautiful.” One can wholeheartedly agree! Last: Power: Here you can see that power on its own can’t achieve anything no ordered crystal structure has formed.

Soul: This crystal grew very fast and shows a spectacular play of colors.

Water with the label “bad luck.” A very weak crystal has formed, which is trying unsuccessfully to bring itself into balance.

Lucky: This is perfect beauty and harmony. Like a fine-cut diamond. Maybe harmony is a necessity for luck.

In the same way that actions originate a morphogenetic field, so do words; and each word makes its own individual contribution. We can imagine this as similar to a hologram in which every single piece describes the whole picture.

A professor from Yale University wanted to test Rupert Sheldrake’s theory. He put together a range of Hebrew words and a similar number of meaningless, invented words. He then mixed these two sets and showed them to some students, one word at a time. (None of the subjects could speak Hebrew.) He asked them to try to guess the meaning of each word and didn’t tell them that some of them were totally meaningless.2 With the Hebrew words, there was a statistical approximation of the correct meaning, while it was obvious (by means of the statistical distribution of the answers) that the students had used guesswork on the words without any meaning. This was a confirmation of Sheldrake’s theory of the morphogenetic field, or what I described as the “word soul.”

I believe it’s this word soul, this vibrational information, that the water reads and tunes in to. The results of this tuning in are then visible in the different water crystals. Actually, we can see the pattern of vibration of the specific word soul, and it feels to me as if a window opens up and we can get a glimpse of the universe.

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