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Bend the elbow to reach your fingers down by the back Yoga new orleansof your neck. This hand will grasp either the belt or your other hand, which Yoga new orleanswill come back and up. If you don’t expect to be able to clasp your hands together, hold the belt with your right hand now. Then bring your left arm out to the side, turn your thumb down, and keep the hand stable as you pull the upper bone of the left, arm back into its socket. Bend your left arm in with the palm facing back.

Reach up between your shoulder blades. Hook your fingers to catch the fingers of the right hand, or hold the belt. Now that you have the basic shape, it is time to check yourself: Did you bend sideways? Do your ribs jut forward? Is your right arm as vertical as possible? The most difficult part is to get that bottom arm in toward the midline and up.

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