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Reach backward with the thigh and foot. Align your foot Yoga pants memestraight back; tuck in the outer ankle. Maintain firm abdominal muscles to prevent overarching of Yoga pants memthe lower back. 5. Use the center of your pelvis Yoga pants memeas the Focal Point: stretch out from there through your thigh and pelvis and up through Yoga pants memeyour spine toward your head. Breathe and maintain the stretch for as long as you can. Repeat on the other side. This pose opens the front of the hip, beginning with a chair for balance.

In other words, the Sramanas live not only off the forest but also from alms earned as physicians. Strabo explains that the physicians prescribe drugs and ointment. He then leaves a final impression of the Sramanas: their mortification techniques, their skills in prayer and spells and their skills in dealing with the dead.

And [he says that] both the latter [the physicians] and the former [the forest dweller] practice endurance, both actively and inactively, so they can continue being fixed in one posture the whole day; and there are others who are prophetic, skilled in the use of incantations, and skilled in the words and customs associated with the departed’, and who go begging through both villages and cities;.. 

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