Yoga poses to help you sleep

Do this 8 times. Engage your abdominals and feel the Yoga poses to help you sleep control come from your hips as you lower your torso. And, as you’re doing so Yoga poses to help you sleep , try to press your knees back further to open from the hips and buttocks. Lean back slightly into your hands to feel your triceps engage. Pull your shoulders away from your ears to stabilize and open your chest. 18 INTERMEDIATE Squats BENEFITS: Shapes and tones the butt and thighs. Stand in a wide parallel stance with the sides of your thighs pulling upward and inward to engage your hips and protect your lumbar spine. Your abs should be lifted in and up.
Hatha-yoga and the decline of elite Tantra

The weakening of the Tantric ideology

Between 1400 and 1500 there surfaced a new text – the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (hereafter HYP) – which became very influential for the yoga discourse not only in India under foreign rule but also in Western contemporary society.

A close reading of the HYP will soon reveal that like most written Indian yoga discourse it is a compilation of a range of various ideas and practices. The text reflects and builds upon a loose genre of early hatha texts. This chapter will investigate whether this culture originated within or outside the existing cultural field of liberation .

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