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In the meantime, we did alter our honeymoon plans to Yoga poses morning avoid the potentially dangerous locations in light of the alleged groups suspected to be responsible for the Yoga poses morning attacks. My feelings were more than mixed about all of this. I did not want to stop my life and go on living in fear of potential dangers that may still be impossible to avoid, yet I had to think of others and their safety, too. I alerted everyone to the possibility of reconsidering our plans, given the state of the world. People were genuinely sympathetic and patient, allowing me some time to decide. After a few days back at work and a few conversations later with ”friends and family, we decided to proceed as planned. Until America began bombing Afghanistan, I was away on location, on a photo shoot. I had expected the day would come, so was not surprised, as so many seemed to be.

Maitri: Post-Buddhist yoga

Finally the Maitri Upanishad, which is historically the last to discuss yoga. Here it is about finding communion’ with atman/brahman within. This Upanishad also employs Samkhya notions, combining them with Upanishad Vedanta philosophy. However, as we shall see later, it also bears many parallels with Buddhism. We should notice that this Upanishad, as we know it today, is probably a merging of at least three earlier versions each compiled over hundred of years185. Hence again we should not expect a consistent yoga treaty, but a textual tradition where different sectarian views are expressed, added and changed again and again for mainly religio-political reasons.

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In the Maitri, almost at the end of it, we find by far the most comprehensive discussion of yoga among the Upanishads. Just before yoga is defined and introduced, the Maitri informs us that infinite brahman is the eternal unitary soul. Those who know this, go to that unity. This is traditional Upanishad non-dual discourse. Yoga is then introduced in relation to achieving that unity. In other words yoga is once more enveloped by non-dual discourse. Yoga is – for the first time – defined as a six step meditative method. According to the Maitri:

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