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These pieces are better known today as universal reformers, Wunda Yoga poses outside chairs, Cadillacs, and wall units, and can be found in all Pilates studios, Yoga poses outside along with lots of balls! I bet if Joe were alive today he would have created a full program with balls, just like I have. The Pilates technique stimulates the mind, wakes the body, and helps you to understand your body’s powerhouse,or core. The powerhouse refers to your body’s three-dimensional core or center of gravity basically the muscles of your chest, abs, and back, including the muscles of your upper back, middle back, lower back, and the small muscles that run along your spine. Your body initiates any and all movements from these deep postural muscles, which I will explain in depth later.

Joseph Pilates called his method contrology,which is shorthand for learning to control your body with your mind. If you wish to learn the Pilates Method properly, as it was originally taught, you need a concentrated, mindful approach. The same approach is necessary with this ball work. You need to nurture this technique with practice and patience.

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