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There is another fragment from Megasthenes, where he describes the Brahmins as almost a death cult, where a strenuous life was seen only as preparation for happiness in death:

The Brachmanes have their abode in a grove in front of the city within a moderate-sized enclosure. They live in simple style, and lie on beds of rushes or deerskins. They abstain from simple food and sexual pleasures. Death is with them a very frequent subject of discourse. They regard this life as, so to speak, the time when the child within the wound becomes mature, and death as a birth into a real happy life for the votaries of philosophy. On this account they undergo much discipline as a preparation for death …

The Brahmins seemed according to Megasthenes to be very confident about what he described as their philosophical lifestyle. It seems that only those who practised philosophy would live a happy after-life. We also see that they practised some kind of strict discipline in preparation for death. As the notion of yoga’ was often conceived as discipline’ one can wonder whether this is what Megasthenes describes. We shall see that these beliefs and practices of the Brahmins were actually themes initially introduced by the Sramanas: disciplined management of the process of death, the soul’s eternal afterlife, the importance of philosophical knowledge.

Once that two-week period is up, you can Yoga positions for weight loss beginnersgo back to your first routine. You’ll find that your body adapts to the exercises over Yoga positions for weight loss beginnerstime, so that when you come back to ones you did before, you can do them with better form and more control. Core: The muscles of your trunk, including your spine, upper back, lower back, chest, and abdominals. Also called the powerhouse. Decline: Lying with your feet higher than your hips, or your hips higher than your head. Hip distance: When I say, place your feet hip-distance apart,I mean situating your feet directly under your hip bones. Incline: Lying with your head higher than your hips, or your hips higher than your feet. Neutral spine: Your lower back should not be tilted forward or swayed back.

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