Then place both hands in your lap. Which one feels more relaxed? The right one will feel more relaxed, but the left will also feel a bit more relaxed than it did to start with. Stay with this relaxed feeling and try to remember it. Then try to remember what your right hand felt like when it was in action, first giving the massage and then the friction. Reinforce this feeling by giving your left hand another friction with your right hand. Rest again and concentrate on the pendulum breathing and the relaxed feeling in the hands.

c. Now move on to Routine c, again in turn with the four-second in and out pendulum breathing. The left hand becomes very relaxed during this procedure. After 10 pendulum sequences allow both hands to remain still on the thighs. Stay with

a Hold left hand in right. Massage palm, thumb and fingers with right thumb.

b Give fast massage (friction) to back of fingers of left hand using right thumb.

c For 10 pendulum breaths in and out, stroke palm of right hand up back of the left hand, moving from fingers towards wrist. Start with firm strokes, becoming lighter as you move up the hand as you complete your breath.


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