Yoga to Clear your Nasal Passage

Namaskar and maybe that and welcome to one in the world shut crias shed Korea’s or shut Karma’s are popularly known as crias these Koreas help you to balance the three doshas the cuff of wat and victim here you use wind that is a water friction and various other things to clean the body internally nastika should degree on this practice helps to clean the nostril and thereby improves the other practices that we’ll be doing after the screa before doing any arson any problem any kriya we should press practice Nausicaa should decrease. So that the movement of the air in and out is very free.

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And you can concentrate on the breathing much easier. So you set a normal cross leg position of the Padma so Notepad Masson pants on your knees you close the left nostril with the left thumb your eyes are closed and ten times will be exiting forcefully pulling the abdomen so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten we drop this hand down close the other nostril the right nostril with the right thumb again ten times one two three four five six seven eight nine ten both the hands down. And now you’re exhales forcefully with both the nostril the same movement of the abdomen pulling in the abdominals one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. And then slowly open your eyes when you do this practice, if there is any dirt dust in your nostril that will come out and thereby clean the nostril the nasal passage. So the breathing becomes much more easier. And the arsons. And the crown ass or comment becomes much more effective.

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