Yoga With Props For The Flexibility Of The SPINE

Namaskar I am david at and welcome to anand / yoga with props yoga props includes any object which will help you to stretch the balance to increase the maintaining capacity and to improve the overall awesome yoga props include shares bricks blankets mats vol support table support and many more you can form your own course from the set of the arsons that I am showing you in this post you will learn to do to do this practice with the help of the brick as well as a ward normally people find it difficult when they stretch their legs to maintain they lose the grip.

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So In this case you can use the wall as a support. So you spread your legs about three and a half to four feet distance in such a way that one feed the edge of the feet is touching the wall now you turn the other leg that is which is not touching the wall on that same side so right field is turned on the right side we take the left hand on the hip and stretch the right hand out keep both the legs tight pull the knees back and apps the legs remain straight the brick is kept by the side of the feet behind the field the brick can also be kept slightly towards your body now take a deep breath in exhaling stretch yourself and drop the hand down on the brick this hand can be used open out the pelvic region you just push it out the chest and shoulders are expanded the abdomen is open.

And then you take the hand up. And you look at the farm or the big thumb this support is helping her for the grip and not releasing the grip or not losing the legs keep breathing normal, if this is difficult for you you can keep the ring up. And the same practice will help you to stay in the position for longer time and get the benefit wonderful practice for the leg muscles or the leg joints improves the health of your ankles knees hips tones the abdominal muscles from the sides improves the health of the abdominal organs then when you feel like coming out take the face in front left hand on the hip without disturbing the position of the leg slowly come back relax the feet. And then come back with the feet together to take some rest take your time enjoy the feeling in your body after to eat on one side. And then you do with the other side this time the other leg will be touching the ball.

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