Zen yoga poses

Raise your elbows out and up to shoulder height. Lower Zen yoga poses your elbows. Repeat 6 times then change legs. Do another 6 lifts. 51 ADVANCED Zen yoga poses Side Bends with Weight and Straight Leg BENEFITS: This is a great, creative way to work your back and oblique muscles. You also have to keep your ab muscles engaged in order to stay on the ball. It’s tough! Lay on one side, stretching your side body over ball, hip against the ball, with your bottom leg extended straight and your top leg crossed over it, foot on the floor. Wrap your bottom arm around your waist while your top arm, holding a dumbbell, comes up over your head.

As humans became god in much Tantric rhetoric, the individual transformative meaning – the use-value – of Tantric yoga  converged with the intersubjective symbolic meaning. This Tantric discourse constructed powerful god-beings on earth – jivan-muktis. Divine and worldly power was not a coincidental by-product of practice but a direct goal. This symbolic-value was the use-value. In this discourse – as in the yoga of Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita – power moved to the centre, to which we now turn.

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