7 yoga poses for glowing skin

You can modify this exercise by lying more on top of 7 yoga poses for glowing skin the ball. Narrow your elbows and lift up into a crunch position in one count. 7 yoga poses for glowing skin To increase the challenge, you can add a 2- to 4-pound medicine ball to this exercise. Hold it behind the middle of your skull, keeping your neck properly aligned. 8 Prone Moves on the Ball People usually love to lie face down on the ball it seems relaxing and they assume they won’t have to work that hard. Oh, how wrong they are! Just because you’re lying on your stomach doesn’t mean you can’t really work your muscles: Think about push-ups you’re not technically lying down, but you are face-down, and that’s a killer move!

The prone position allows you to strengthen the back of your body the muscles in your back and along your spine, as well as the backs of your legs. The muscles of your back include the trapezius just below your neck, the rhomboids below your shoulder blades, the latissumus dorsi the sides of your back and the erector spinae the small muscles that run along your spinal column. If you’re someone who sits at a desk all day, your back muscles are probably stretched forward and weak.

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