1. Prepare a padded surface, such as a yoga mat or a folded blanket or towel. Begin by lying on your belly with your forehead against the floor and your arms by your sides, with your palms facing upwards. Rotate your thighs inwards by turning your big toes towards each other.

2. Exhale and raise your head, your upper torso, arms and legs up away from the floor, with your weight on your pelvis, stomach and ribs. Extend your legs, lengthening them and stretching away with the big toes.

3. Next raise your arms parallel to the floor, extending your arms and reaching with your fingertips. Imagine a weight bearing down on your arms and push against this resistance. Maintain a forward gaze, being careful not to put pressure on the back of your neck.

4. Remain in this position for at least 30 seconds, increasing the duration as your ability increases. Release on an exhale and return to the original position, before repeating several times.


This pose stretches the shoulders, chest, abdominals and thighs, and strengthens the muscles of the spine, buttocks and limbs. Mastery of this pose improves posture, stimulates the internal abdominal organs and helps to relieve stress.

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