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I was told that if my journey were to stop right Yoga poses for two people there, I could return to the States having made a legitimate pilgrimage. For many Western Yoga poses for two people yogis, there is a sense that journeying to India itself is a necessary pil-grimage and, within the country, there are countless opportunities to contemplate God. India is a microcosm, within which ordinary experiences seem heightened and magnified. Issues that need facing at home are sure to surface in one’s consciousness while traveling here. Accepting the worldly realm as a wakeful dream is one of the goals that modern yogis aspire to. As practitioners, we are all faced with the challenge of how to remain yogic in our daily lives. There is an illusion chat here, in India, this would be easier somehow, but in truth, you realize that the challenge is also relative. People appear to be working so hard everywhere you look, but there is still time to visit the temple daily, at least once, to make an offering.

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