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They could do so because of their newly won central position in the production process. It was a strategic position that had moved to the centre of society – an intersection of consumption and high culture. That is, a position where goods and services became loaded with symbolic-value by cultural intermediaries, which gave them immense power. Bourdieu labelled this power cultural capital’ – the power to simultaneously create differentiation’ (the marking of difference – what is good and bad taste) and stratification’ (i.e. status hierarchy – i.e. who is cool or out). The cultural intermediaries have the power to influence other people’s behaviour, identity, values and status – not through an economical or political position – but through their position as creators and communicators of symbols related to consumption.

Most sociologists today agree that this creation of taste and lifestyle is not just a one-way street, as described by Bourdieu (Sassatelli 2007, Lury 2011). Taste and lifestyle are also created from other positions in society. It is a dialectic process. However Bourdieu points out a critical and determining factor, showing a major parameter forming our tastes and lifestyles.

Inhale; lift up through your whole spine and torso Inner Easy Pose Yoga Body Bright. Pull your shoulder blades toward the spine and slightly down, lifting the front Easy Pose Yoga of your chest up. Exhale and lean to the right as you rest your right hand on the floor beside you and your left hand on your hip or thigh. Make an even curved shape from your left hip to the top of your head. Soften inside. Inhale. Return to vertical. Exhale and bend to the left side as you place your left palm on the floor beside you.

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