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When water was imprinted and then serially diluted, the original frequency disappeared, to be replaced by that frequency multiplied by the dilution ratio; but not all dilution ratios would do this. Some gave no frequencies. This provided a theoretical basis for the potentization of homeopathic remedies, which I demonstrated as follows. Water was imprinted with the complete pattern of frequencies previously determined for thyroxin of potency D15. This was further potentized by conventional serial dilutions and succussions. The frequencies measured for each synthesized potency were exactly the same as those for the potencies prepared from the “mother tincture” of thyroxin. Yet, my synthesized potencies had started from nothing but water. Importantly, there was no discontinuity at potency D24, which is the dilution at which not one molecule of the original substance should remain (Avogadro’s number). This is where the chemists have to give up!


As already mentioned, it was during attempts to measure frequency imprints in water by instrumentation and in work with electrically hypersensitive patients and with homeopathic potencies that it was found that a potency or a water imprint would be erased if the geomagnetic field was shielded from it briefly with a steel box. Erasure must occur when the thermal energy is able to break up order due to magnetic energy. The water erasure threshold is about 1 percent of the Earth’s magnetic field; the exact numbers imply a domain of phase coherence 53 mm in diameter. This threshold is independent of the imprinted frequency over at least the 13 decades from 10-4 Hz to 10+9 Hz. One microliter of water (acid or neutral) is needed to take up the imprint of a single frequency; but, if the water is alkaline, more is needed. The concentration of coherent domains in random water can be estimated from the number of imprints possible; the pH (acid/alkali) effect supports the involvement of protons.

In 1983, my laboratory showed that living systems can respond to magnetic resonance (NMR) conditions at geomagnetic field strengths. This high sensitivity allows one to speculate that a frequency might be retained in water if the magnetic resonance precession of the protons can be synchronized to any applied frequency and that they can generate an internal magnetic field that exactly satisfies the proton NMR conditions locally within their coherence domain. This condition turns out to be independent of the frequency to be remembered. Such a process would be stable unless a domain was thermally broken up by reducing the stabilizing geomagnetic field. A 53 mm diameter domain contains more than enough protons to generate the magnetic field required to satisfy NMR conditions.

The statistical fluctuation in the number of protons involved determines the bandwidth of the frequency imprint. This comes to about one part in a million (1 second at 1 MHz or 12 days at 1 Hz) and is consistent with the time needed for imprinting a frequency onto water by contact. Change of pH on Frequency Imprinting: This chart recording shows that the pH of a solution of sodium hydroxide at pH 8.01 increased to pH 8.05 at memory saturation, which occurred after 377 separate imprinted frequencies. Erasure returned the pH to the initial value. An increase in pH corresponds to the removal of H+ ions and the generation of an equal number of OH- ions. The number of protons involved in this pH change for a single frequency imprint is sufficient to generate a local magnetic field to satisfy proton-NMR conditions independent of the imprinted frequency. Thus, imprinting a frequency into water may create a proton coherence that is sufficient to store that frequency.

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The ice patterns obtained by Dr. Masaru Emoto are reported to have been taken at magnifications of 100-200, where the microscope’s field of view would be about 200-100 jim. They have a size and symmetry consistent with originating from a segment of the surface of a coherence domain about 50 mm diameter, the size I calculate from the water-memory erasure condition. These ice patterns are consistent with being a representation of frequency patterns within a domain. In 1989, we found that water frozen in a static magnetic field showed distinctive ice-crystal patterns directed at right angles to the magnetic field. There were also frequency-dependent effects from alternating magnetic fields. Therefore, ice-crystal patterns nucleated by coherent frequencies within a coherence domain remain at least a possibility.


Details relating to the contents of this chapter are to be found in the blogs I’ve listed in the Bibliography.

Finally, I’d like to recall the myth of Achilles and the tortoise, in which the choice of the wrong paradigm precluded the possibility of ever finding a solution to the point at which Achilles overtook the tortoise. For water, the appropriate paradigm is quantum physics. Ignore it, and make progress at tortoise speed.

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