9 yoga poses for runners

Hold. Release both knees back to the ball. Repeat 9 yoga poses for runners 5 times, working your way up to 10 times. 89 ADVANCED Prone Shoulder Roll BENEFITS 9 yoga poses for runners : Stretches the shoulder. Lie prone over the ball, and extend your legs straight out behind you, hip-distance apart. Keep your arms at shoulder height or a bit lower to keep your neck long and relaxed. Roll the ball towards one arm, turning onto your side while your arms stay in the lifted position. Return to prone position.

It was generally assumed that we have an immovable inner core, a real self, separate from human body and mind. It was a notion of an inner immovable self’, detached from the body and mind activities. Body and mind were in constant change – but not the immovable soul. The soul never died but indefinitely returned and was re-incarnated in new body-mind systems. In the Upanishads the immovable soul generally emerged under the name atman. In

Samkhya philosophy (a true Axial Age ontological discourse), this non-moving soul was calledpurusha and the restless body-mind system was seen to be a part ofprakriti. Finally, it was claimed by many Sramanas and Kshatriyas that the liberation of this immovable self from eternal re-births could only be achieved by self-effort.152 This move to self-efforts signified a decisive shift in outlook.

So among the Sramanas and Kshatriyas from the very early days there were two central discourses, later crystallised as central themes within many yoga forms: (1) an ascetic lifestyle (based on pre-Axial/ Archaic societies and discourses) and (2) the quest for liberation of the detached inner self (the immovable soul’) from re-birth (based on Axial Age societies and discourse). Let me illustrate the last point in a different way.

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