Alphabet Yoga Poses

Alphabet Yoga Poses

As mentioned before, we are not alone in this world. Besides our own Soul we create aspects of our Self whenever we have problem in life. We create a lookalike that portrays ourselves in some of our dreams. You may have noticed slight differences in yourself through the dream process.

This may sound bizarre to a lot of people, yet many may notice inconsistencies in their night time adventures which could be attributed to these aspects we have created that may even follow us around and merge or visit with ourselves during the day.

I suspect a lot of people are skeptical of what I am saying. If you would like there is a little exercise or experiment you can try. It can be a little scary and it may not work for everybody because it depends on what life cycle you are in.

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You will need a mirror and to be able to dim the lights. To start, dim the lights in the room so you are barely able to see yourself. As you gaze into your own eyes, say that you want to see the God within. You may have to repeat yourself and you may have to change your wording. For example, “I want to meet or see my own Soul.” It may also be necessary to dim the lights more.

What is interesting in the outcome is that you could have hundreds of aspects, all similar in appearance or grossly different than yourself. You may also think it is only an optical illusion. However, if you have a pet with you, such as a dog, they will notify you that it is not an illusion for your pet will be frightened also. Also there is the possibility that these aspects may gather around your death bed during your final days on earth because they are also traveling to the world of the Formless with you. It all depends on which life cycle you are in.

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